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Animals | September 2, 2022 11:00 AM | hangbony

Rattlesnake males fight for a day

How amazing nature is. And that’s it, Haroldo Bauer, how do you bring new content that is very informative. Hugs and always continue with your goals to take your documentaries to everyone.

Congratulations on the incredible work, few people in the world do this work with such perfection, This was amazing Haroldo you are the very beautiful guy this top image congratulations your work and very important to us and nature.

Look at the king of snakes, the rattlesnake is very easy to find here in Rio Grande do Norte, the only ones who saw it were the older ones, like my grandmother I never saw it myself but I really want to meet a rattlesnake.

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What a pretty bird, never heard of it before.

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Absolutely gorgeous!!!

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