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Animals | September 16, 2022 12:30 PM | hangbony

Awesome Fishing Season Dry 2020 – Finding & Catfish Secret Under Grass when Dry Water

I experienced this kind of life in the villages and it’s true that the fishes are under these weeds and mud right during summer. And when the rain starts, they just come out. These fishes can stay alive even out of the water. They can easily use them again in the next videos because we did not see them cook the fishes.

The thing is called eastivation(tropical country) which occur during summer(similar to hibernation in colder countries). It’s nsture’s way sustaining the fish population. Those fishes should be left there. Otherwise, there won’t be enough in the future. There should be “closed season.

This is real man..fish do hiding in the the grass and plant ghemselves in the mud…they bear their eggs in the mud. I live in the village with paddy fields around.There’s a time during very hot season and the land was so dried and cracked,but down the cracked soil there a damp soil where fish hide and live…

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