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Birds | October 26, 2022 3:06 AM | hangbony

Falcon Catches Drake Gadwall

Peach the peregrine strikes again! This is one of the many Gadwall ducks she has caught this season. Enjoy the video!

We NEED to start domesticating falcons. They are so much more useful than dogs and more loyal too. There’s a reason that 24 viewers disliked this video. They don’t like seeing animals killed. To us falconers, it’s the way of nature. Image is the key here. Skipping the plucking part and going straight to the releasing the game part might help image-wise. Other than that, great fluency!

I hate hearing people laugh when an animal is being killed, devoured alive, or tortured. I can’t stand bullfighting for this same reason. People go to enjoy the show while the bulls are dying. If I saw a falcon killing a duck, I would watch with a lot of respect, feeling very sorry for the duck. because I really like animals: falcons and ducks.

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