The parasitic cuckoo bird can’t get food, and gradually becomes irritable

Funny how the cuckoo even blocked all the other baby birds behind, but the mother still found her way to feed them, and left the monster starving. That mother bird can see that the inside of its mouth is orange, while her own babies are yellow. She knows that it isn’t her offspring. I think I like this momma bird; she’s finally wise enough not to feed the parasite and starve her own young.great video. made my day.

This is like a comedy. Mother bird feeds her chicks while looking at the camera, as if to say, “this big fella thinks I don’t recognize my own kids.”This is the first time I have seen behavior like this. So the mother bird discovered that it is not her baby.How? Also, it’s strange that the cuckoo didn’t manage to romp the eggs from the nest. What’s going on? What’s happened next? I’d love to see more!

The mother bird is avoiding being attacked by the parasite 🦠 😂 Continue to feed your children’s parents’ bird.
The other babies make a different noise and have yellow mouths, so it’s quite obvious that the cuckoo chick isn’t theirs and are avoiding feeding it. They know it’s a parasite but feed it a little to get by so the mother cuckoo doesn’t come and kill the other chicks and destroy the nest. Smart birds.