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Birds | October 21, 2022 11:01 PM | hangbony

Birds of Paradise mating dance

Extraordinary courtship displays from these weird and wonderful creatures This will forever and always be my favorite scene from any BBC Earth episode. I don’t know which was cuter, watching the bird dance or watching him clean. These birds are absolutely fascinating! The diversity of species in the Amazon Rain Forest is spectacular!

So beautiful… It’s even more amazing to think how we evolved our cleaning, fitting, and attracting practices from these birds and animals… They show a small, cute version of what they’ve evolved in us through billions of years of time! These birds. I love them. Their dances are so elaborate. When I see them, suffice it to say, I am swept off my feet!

Just like human males, the bird of paradise must frantically clean their bachelor pads just before the booty call. I lose every last ounce of my shit every single time I watch this. Like, imagine trying to woo your crush by being a terrifying blue face mfg I’m gone.

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