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Birds | October 26, 2022 9:30 AM | hangbony

Pain!!! The Poor Fox Was Hunted By The Secretary Bird – The Hunts Of The King Of The Sky

No matter how you try to lie. A Secretary bird weighs no more than 10 pounds.The most that a Secretary Bird can carry is about 5 lbs. maximum. The Fox had to be a puppy to get the Secretary Bird to pick it up and fly away. Why not just tell the truth at the beginning? You always have to misrepresent something or have to lie.

Every bird has its own grounds for hunting. Perry here noticed that part of the text was not completed They only enjoyed your articles and got the knowledge of hunting for food and safety in their lives. Please get your facts straight There are no foxes in Africa. That was a jackal and the two birds were trying to get it away from their nest.

I just watched a wonderful video of people rescuing a wounded fox and giving him a new life. You’re all heart sitting there filming this. I realize that predator species need to hunt to eat, but when you are actually filming this and watching this with the compassion of a Borg colony, it’s kind of bloodthirsty. It’s quite a coincidence that you happen to be right there at the kill scene at the exact right time to film this. I wonder how many of these kill shots are set up beforehand with innocent animals so that you can film the “true wildlife” video footage to show to your audience.

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