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Dean Schneider | November 5, 2022 2:05 PM | hangbony

Part of the Lion Pride – Dean Schneider living with lions

One of the most common questions I am asked is how I achieved to become part of a Lion Pride and how do I manage to be so close with them in every situation. I made this Video to give you guys an insight of what it is like to live a life alongside with the King of the Animals!🦁 To me being part of a Lion Pride🐾 is the biggest achievement of my Life. But it is not easy!😅 It took A LOT of patience, understanding, injuries, ups & downs and all sorts of challenges to master until I was acknowledged, respected & loved as one of their Family🙏🏼❤️🦁

We are not going to talk about how this guy has the balls to straight up smack a fully grown lion and go about his day with the entire pride. Everybody is talking about how good this guy is at living with lions, but nobody talks about the cameraman. To the big cats, Dean appears to have raised this group since they were babies. That is a very rare gathering that is not seen amongst the wild animals. It takes respect, love, and understanding amongst humans and wildlife. Kudos to the rare few that get along with the wild bunch.

I love the respect you have for all the animals you engage with, and you state very clearly that this is a bond that is created over time to develop trust. Watching you engage with the pride (and watching the reality of the bites and scratches and the general weight and power of them) is more than enough for me to know that watching is pleasure in itself. I was not sure I would last five minutes before being squished. I think I’ll stick with dogs.

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