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Birds | December 28, 2022 9:27 AM | hangbony

North American Wild Turkey (Meleagris gallopavo silvestris)

This bird, which you call turkey, is very abundant and representative of Mexico. It is bred wild and in captivity. Here we call it “guajolote” a word of Nahuatl origin, a language of the native indigenous people of this country who fed on this bird since before the Europeans arrived. We also call it turkey interchangeably. Your documentary failed to include the part corresponding to Mexico.


Now wild American turkeys, only a little domesticated, have become very popular in the world. They carry about 80 eggs a year and are quite large. They have strong immunity and do not suffer from bird diseases, grow quickly and graze well in nature in forests and fields. They are a little different from those in your video, it would be interesting to know about them.

The difference between wild and domestic turkeys; is that they fly, and domestic ones don’t. But they are very beautiful.

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