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Birds | December 24, 2022 9:03 AM | hangbony

Beautiful & Rare Peacocks in the World | Never Seen this Peacocks

I love the pictures of the peacocks! It’s relaxing to my eyeballs!!! In some cultures peacocks are the symbol of love. NBC used the peacocks as their mascot back in the old days. Thanks for sharing the peacocks.💜💜💜🍀😍🐎🐎

one of my neighbors has several pure white peacocks in their back yard. they have a net over top and around their property so they dont fly away. also my local animal shelter often times has the black and white peacocks. whats funny is ive seen peacocks in full color and full saze with a tail that drags behind for many feet crossing the road where i live. theres also the neighbor with the pet emu for a guard dog.

So majestic and beautiful. Only God could create. Wondering how they have the muscles to spread their wings when the feathers are 60 percent of their body weight. So amazing! Thanks for the video.

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