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Animals | January 27, 2023 5:40 AM | hangbony

The story behind the biggest crocodile ever caught in Australia

To people who think that the crocodile should have been left alone:
-First of all not everyone is lucky enough to have been born on a first world country or in a city, the people there did not choose to live there, they were born there. they know nothing else but to farm and fish.

-Secondly the crocodile lolong is a 50 year old salt water crocodile, he has been left alone until he decided to eat a fisherman and a twelve year old girl whose decapitated head was seen floating in the river. before that he has been eating carabaos and chickens and was considered as a pest.

-Lastly don’t be hypocrites we’re all human beings here and we all want to ensure the safety of the people we love. if you have a bear or a mountain lion lurking in your backyard where it could possibly maul your love ones you would have hunted it down and shot it. the people in the video did better than that, they just captured it and then sent it to the local zoo.

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