Hawk Attacks Snake and Epically Fails!

The snake eagle tore the snake in half and soon after flew away to enjoy his supper with only the tail end in his beakā€”the end without venom. The venom glands are located in the head of the puffadder. This part of the snake was left lying on the road. The next morning, when I drove the same route, there was no evidence of the snake.

It is possible a hyena or another scavenger had taken the snake for a meal. I have seen photographs before of a hyena with a dead puffadder in its mouth. I am not sure if the venom has any effect when the snake is dead or if the hyena avoids it somehow. It is a question a snake expert could possibly answer. All I know is that, after observing them closely for many years, wild animals are extremely smart, and their instincts are highly developed!