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Elephant | January 29, 2023 8:30 AM | hangbony

Mother Elephant Risked Her Life To Attack Ferocious Crocodile To Save Newborn Baby Elephant

Either she has elephant babies in the area and she’s stomping the hell out of the croc to prevent it from harming any of their young ones, or… she already lost a baby in this spot to crocs and now she’s exacting revenge.

Elephants have remarkable memory and Crocodiles are one of the very few threats to Elephants. They will attack + kill infant and juvenile Elephants that come for drinks and they’ll even attack and greatly injure adult elephants who come to drink some water by snapping their jaws on the Elephant’s trunk and sometimes even biting their trunk off, which can result in fatal infections or the Elephant starving to death/dying to dehydration as their trunks are their main tool for survival.

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