Mother Elephant Risked Her Life To Attack Ferocious Crocodile To Save Newborn Baby Elephant

When it comes to protecting their young, mothers are capable of doing extraordinary things. A recent video of a mother elephant risking her life to protect her newborn baby elephant from a ferocious crocodile is proof of this. The video, filmed in the South African Kruger National Park, shows a large crocodile near a watering hole. Moments later, a young elephant calf can be seen walking up to the water’s edge, closely followed by its mother. As the calf takes a step closer to the water, the crocodile lunges forward to try and capture the baby elephant.

However, the mother elephant is quick to respond and charges at the crocodile, quickly pushing it back into the water. The video then shows the mother elephant protecting her calf, standing guard between the calf and the crocodile. The crocodile eventually gives up and swims away, leaving the mother and her newborn calf unharmed. It’s a remarkable display of a mother’s instinct to protect her young, and an amazing testament to the power of a mother’s love.

The video has since gone viral, with many viewers commenting on the mother elephant’s bravery and courage. The video also serves as a reminder of the importance of protecting wildlife and their habitats from human interference. Without a safe place to live, animals like the mother elephant and her calf would not be able to survive.