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Animals | February 17, 2023 12:46 PM | hangbony

The discovery of a large eel made the locals extremely excited and the ending made them pat their foreheads.

We’ve all heard about or seen dramatic archaeological discoveries, whether in the sea, forest, or river.The existence of animals in a variety of shapes and sizes often steals public attention.

Although the truth has not been confirmed, the public was shocked by this discovery.
A giant eel fish, like this one, is fouled by residents.Fish with the shape of an eel and the appearance of being straight from the edge of a dry river.The existence of this giant eel has succeeded in making the public furious. The video has already spread all over social media.

The moment the pilot brothers “met” in the air, they had time to greet each other.
But wait, don’t jump to conclusions. Because the giat eel is a fish designed by an artist named Ria Jambrog,Ria is an artist from Sukabumi who likes to make hadicrafts from bamboo, wood, and other materials.
Through the Jambrog 99 YouTube channel, the artist shows the process of making giat eels. At first, he arranged the river stones from small to large in size. The stitches are made into the body of the fish.

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The stoes that have been arranged are then given clay to cover the rocks.The ground was then leveled and sculpted to make it more realistic. Ria also made fish faces using the clay. The inserts of the fish are also made to resemble their original shape.

Photo: YouTube/Jambrog 99
The last step is to give color to the dried fish body. Ria uses a yellowish-green color and gives a motif to the fish’s body using black paint. To make it look more real, the fish eel’s work is varied to make it look shiny.

The 6-minute video has been watched more than 1.1 million times. The work of the Giat Eel was flooded with appreciation from the etizes who taught it. Complementary compliments were also given to the artist from Sukabumi.
“Mashallah, his work is truly extraordinary,” isa Nur wrote.
“Mashaallah, it looks exactly like the original, even the extraordinarily difficult work,” said Yuyu.
“Steady cool… “A masterpiece by an extraordinary Indonesian artist,” wrote Toemz Viz.
“Salute, it’s true,” the imagiatio is above average, everywhere, and even with the available material, the results are still special,” praised Omrud Chael.

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