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Birds | May 20, 2023 7:14 AM | hangbony

Strong eyebrows and stripes that look like zebras combine to create

Anairetes nigrocristatus, also known as the black-crested tit-tyrant or Maraón tit-tyrant, is a species of bird with black upperparts and thin white stripes below. Additionally, there are two white wingbars that are made up of the wide white tips of the wing-coverts. The outside feathers of the tail are edged with white, and the black tail has white tips. The belly and undertail coverts have a cream to pale yellow color, while the underparts, throat, breast, and flanks are all covered in black-and-white bands. The crown and nape of the head are covered in a noticeable white patch. Long crown feathers that form a v-shaped crest shoot from the base of the bill. The bill is a vivid orange color, while the legs and feet are black with brown eyes.

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