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Elephant | May 24, 2023 12:13 PM | hangbony

Mama Elephant didn’t give up until she could lift her baby using her trunk

In the face of conflict between humans and elephants, majestic elephants have a long battle to survive. Due to human population growth, encroachment into forested areas has deprived elephants of their natural habitats and reduced their access to food, leading to long-term hunger. Elephants therefore frequently travel to locations where people live in quest of food. Numerous calamities frequently occur at the end of these voyages. Such an occurrence is this one. In search of food, this elephant trio has been coming to the village at night.

Unfortunately, they were in a dark night and fell into a farm well. It was a farming well that the underprivileged farmers dug to irrigate their paddy field. These farmers only make a meager life. They lack the resources to erect a cement wall to surround the well. But these helpless elephants are now in danger because of this opened well. The elephant’s panicked cries woke up the locals, who then witnessed the helpless victims struggling to escape the well. They banded together to assist the elephants after becoming moved by their plight. After learning about the elephants’ plight, animal rescue personnel from the department of wildlife conservation also arrived to the scene.

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