Translocating of a Wild jumbo Elephant, Amazing elephant transport mission

The issue of human-wildlife conflict has been a growing concern in many parts of the world.

In an effort to mitigate such conflicts and conserve wildlife, authorities often resort to translocating wild animals. Recently, an amazing elephant transport mission was undertaken in India to move a wild jumbo elephant from one place to another.


The elephant, a 20-year-old male, had strayed into human settlements in the state of Assam, causing considerable damage to crops and property. The animal was a danger to the locals, and it was decided to translocate it to a safer location. The task was easier said than done, considering the massive size and weight of the animal, as well as the rough terrain of the region.


The authorities had to plan the operation meticulously, taking into account various factors such as the elephant’s behavior, the suitability of the destination, and the safety of the team carrying out the operation. The team included wildlife experts, forest officials, and veterinarians.