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Animals | May 27, 2023 8:35 AM | hangbony

Lion, Tiger, and Bear Became Lifelong Friends After Being Rescued

People all over the world are warmed by the sight of prejudice and distinctions being set aside as a result of a close companionship between two unlikely organisms.

The lion, tiger, and bear who formed an enduring friendship can teach us much. These three rescue creatures can teach us a few lessons in caring for one another and offline connection by overcoming their primal impulses.

Over the years, we have witnessed improbable animal friendships, such as a hen caring for puppies and an Australian infant joey and wombat. Now, an African lion, a Bengal tiger, and an American black bear have discovered solace in one another.

Black bear Baloo, lion Leo, and tiger Shere Khan, also known as the BLT crew, were rescued during a narcotic operation in Atlanta in 2001. Incredibly, the then-cubs were discovered in deplorable conditions in a dark cellar. After the assault, the trio relocated to the Georgia Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter, where they shared a tranquil enclosure.

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Unfortunately, Leo passed away in August 2016 due to incurable liver cancer. Leo was buried next to the clubhouse, where the animals’ favorite place to rest was, and caretakers ensured that Baloo and Shere Khan received plenty of additional attention.

Shere Khan was emaciated when he was rescued from the cellar, but he responded positively to his companions’ grooming and affection. In 2014, he was diagnosed with intervertebral disc disease, despite the fact that he was the most extroverted member of the group and enjoyed life.


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Late in 2018, a decision was made to terminate Shere Khan’s suffering after tests revealed there was nothing else that could be done for him. He was interred alongside Leo.

“Shere Khan died in the arms of his primary caregiver, within his straw-filled tunnel, with Baloo present.” As he very peacefully closed his large green eyes and drew his last breath, he heard gentle words of adoration whispered in his ear and felt the warmth of loving, comforting strokes on his beautiful face, according to an announcement on the website for Noah’s Ark.

Noah’s Ark continued by stating that Baloo would be attentively observed and monitored:

“We have a bereavement plan in place for Baloo and will closely monitor him to ensure that the death of his last sibling does not negatively impact his physical health. He was with Shere Khan every step of the way this morning and will also be present for his burial, just as he was for Leo’s.”


The status of Bl has been updated, indicating that Bl, despite being a soldier in his unit, is doing well.

“Many of our followers have asked if another sponsor will be introduced to Boli, and the answer is currently no. Bɑlᴏᴏ ɩs ɑ bɩg, dᴏmɩnɑnt mɑle whᴏ hɑs lɩνed ɩn hɩs enᴄlᴏsure fᴏr ᴏνer ɑ deᴄɑde. Black bears are typically solitary and territorial, especially the males. Bl does not appreciate the presence of the other cats or dogs in our home, and will even act aggressively toward her human neighbors. Serus njures r deth n ur when ntrducng nmls t ne nther, nd the lst thng we wnt s fr smethng t hppn t ur most precious Bl ber.”

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