Meet Liger, a 319 kg lion-tiger crossbreed known as the World’s Biggest Cat.

The furry giant you see above is named Apollo, and he’s a lion-tiger crossbreed who’s being called the world’s largest cat.

Mike Holston, who goes by the social media moniker The Real Tarzann, posted a video of him and wildlife conservationist Kody Antle taking Apollo for a walk in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.


Apollo weighs a massive 319 kgs, and it can go up to 40 miles an hour in a couple of steps. As the video progresses, Mike says,

I believe this thing would eat everything in sight, anything in sight.


I think a pack of these would take down a herd of elephants on the regular for a snack.


Mike claims the liger’s teeth are the size of his middle finger, its tongue is the size of his forearm, and its lung is probably as big as his torso. Apollo’s neck is also too large for either of the men to wrap their arms around.


Ligers are mostly found in zoos and are the largest big cat in the world, weighing up to 360 kgs – that’s almost double the weight of either a lion or tiger.

Ligers can reach a colossal length of 12 feet and stand more than six feet tall.

This is the biggest cat I've ever seen! Look at those Paws! : r/oddlyterrifying

Apollo is frequently compared to the sabre-tooth tiger, which went extinct 42,000 years ago. Now we just need to find the rest of his furry mammoth friends.