Tiger Saves Zookeeper From Leopard, Internet’s Heart Is Full

zookeepers or animal specialists have one of the most exciting yet dangerous jobs. They not only spend time with the wild animals that many people only get to see from a distance. A video from 2015 resurfaced on the internet of a zookeeper being saved by a tiger from getting attacked by a Leopard in an enclosure. The viral clip shared on Twitter opens with a zookeeper petting a white lioness and giving her belly rubs.

In the video, there are various types of wild cats seen in the enclosure chilling even afar you may notice the Tiger lying down behind the zookeeper. After a few frames, a leopard can be seen sprinting towards the man, but the Tiger acted quickly and with its agility, he stopped it in the mid-way. The leopard then jumped and ended up on the ground near the zookeeper and Tiger can be seen growling at it.

The Zookeeper scolded the leopard for charging and thanked the tiger for saving him from the possible attack.

The caption of the video read: “Tiger saves man from a leopard attack.”

Watch the video here: