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Fighter | August 27, 2023 8:04 AM | hangbony

Cobra Bullied by Squirrels & Mongoose

Cobras have long been known as one of the most fearsome animals in the wild. They are powerful, venomous, and often considered to be one of the top predators in their environment. However, a recent study has revealed that cobras may not be as feared as once thought in their own habitat. The study, conducted by the National Centre for Biological Sciences in India, investigated the interactions between cobras and other animals in their environment. The results were surprising. It was found that cobras are often the victims of bullying by both squirrels and mongooses.

The researchers observed that when a cobra’s presence was detected, the other animals would often form a large and aggressive mob, with the squirrels and mongooses leading the charge. The cobra would then be chased away or scared off. In addition, the study found that the cobra’s size and venomous capabilities are not enough to protect it from the mob. This is due to the fact that the cobra’s body is not well equipped to fight off multiple animals at once. The cobra’s only defense is to retreat.

The results of this study show that cobras may not be as powerful as we once thought. They can be intimidated and bullied by other animals in their environment, even those that are much smaller than the cobra. This could have implications for the conservation of cobras, as their natural habitats are often threatened by human activity. The findings of this study also serve as a reminder that we should not underestimate the capabilities of any animal. It is important to remember that all animals, no matter how small or seemingly harmless, have their own set of skills and abilities. We should treat all animals with respect and understanding, as each species has its own unique role to play in the natural world.

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