You Won’t Be Able To Take Your Eyes Off This Special Parrot’s Beauty.

Bird enthusiasts in particular, as well as most pet hobbyists in general and non-aquarists alike, must enjoy parrots, which are classified by animal organizations as the most intelligent animals in the world. In addition to their ability to be intelligent and talkative, they also have vibrant shapes and colors, making them a must-have for both aquarists and non-aquarists alike.

Major Sir Thomas Miell, an explorer and surveyor of Southeast Australia in the 1800s, is the name of this lovely macaw.

However, when I see those beautiful orange, yellow, and white stripes, I think of this cockatoo as a pink cockatoo. You can surely understand why. Its fur is a mix of silky white and light pink. It is the most attractive of the cocks because to its big, brilliant yellow and red crest.

Among them is the Major Miell’s Cockatoo, which is a stunning bird. The bright crest is what distinguishes it from other parrots, and anybody who looks at it can’t keep their gaze away from it.

“Doesn’t this crest remind you of candy corn?”
Major Miell’s macaws are Australian natives. They like to dwell in sand, Savana, and woodland grasslands with adjacent water sources.

These lovely birds are clever, yet they are poor flyers that can only fly at low heights. They generally fly a short distance and then take a break before continuing.

Seeds from local and foreign melons, as well as seeds from several pine species, are the major food sources for these macaws. They also eat grain waste, weed seeds, and insect larvae off tree branches, Thank you for like and share.

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