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Elephant | October 20, 2021 8:54 AM | hangbony

Elephant and Dog – Bubbles and Bella Best Friends.

Bubbles (“she” elephant 36 years old, 2.7m tall, weighs 4 tons, sd and raised in the US at a young age because her mother was sd and raised in the US for her tusks in Africa) and Bella (3 years old, a s dog breed) L bait) live together and are close at the Myrtle Beach Wildlife Zoo in the coastal city of Myrtle Beach (Horry County, South Carolina, USA).

This is the story of Bubbles, a disabled elephant, and Bella, a newborn elephant, who form an unusual but endearing bond. Bubbles isn’t your typical elephant; she enjoys playing catch with her closest pal, a dog about her knee height.

Bella gets the ball by climbing on the backs of her big pals, even when Bubbles jumps into a deep puddle. Bubbles is a resident of the Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina. After her parents , she was transported in from Africa as a kid.

Even though they are of two different species, Bubbles and Bella got closer faster than the management expected. Bella leaps over her teammates to get the ball, then swims away, leaving the elephant behind.

The animals at Myrtle Beach Safari are members of the Southern California Rare Species Fund, which is dedicated to wildlife protection. Bubbles currently weights over 4 tons and stands over 9 feet tall; when she was first brought in, she weighed around 150 pounds and was only 3.5 feet tall.

Bubbles was one of numerous animals transported to the United States to be rescued from a lack of shelter and care in Africa. Bubbles’ life was forever transformed after starring in films such as Ace Venture, Malaika, and even a Janet Jackson music video, Thank you for like and share.

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