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Animals | October 23, 2021 5:54 AM | hangbony

Playing on his life, he took out the leopard that fell in the well.

Because there is no fencing surrounding the well, I was concerned about what would happen if someone fell in front of the leopard.

Don’t they realize that all of their commotion is frightening the animal and making the rescue much more difficult? I’m curious as to where they take him after that.

Assume you accidentally visited a tribal region, and hundreds of tribal people surround you and begin screaming incessantly. Tell me how you’re feeling. What if you were surrounded by tens or hundreds of animals??

Thank you very much for saving this little one. What will happen to these animals? Their natural habitats are rapidly vanishing. There is a scarcity of food. Humans will beat them to death when hunger drives them out of the jungle. There’s also usually news of animals slipping into human-dug wells. Being born as an animal is a sad experience. Thank you very much for saving him, and may God bless you all, Thank you for like and share.

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