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Animals | November 10, 2021 2:12 PM | hangbony

Instead of stripes, the baby zebra has spots.

In Kenya, an uncommon zebra foal was discovered in a herd, It was thought that it was suffering from a pigmentation issue, but this was not the case.

When he discovered the oddly patterned zebra foal among the vast herd in the Maasai Mara Nature Reserve in 2019, wildlife photographer and tour guide Anthony Tira told Kenya’s online publication Nation, “I initially assumed the foal had been painted.”

Initially, it was thought to be a pigment disease known as “melanism,” which is very identical to the well-known “albinism.” The foal, like the black panther, does not lack melanin, but has too much of it. However, there is a very tragic cause for this genetic abnormality.

The University of California analyzed the DNA of 140 African zebras from nine national parks and discovered that the zebras’ points are the consequence of inbreeding, Because their habitats are shrinking, zebras have less opportunities to interbreed with other herds and offer genetic variety Thanks for your like and share.

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