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Animals | November 12, 2021 1:25 PM | hangbony

Disabled Tortoise Can Finally Move Around Thanks to His New Custom Wheelchair.


We’ve seen many animals’ lives improve owing to caring humans, from fitting a duck with a prosthetic limb to producing a 3D-printed paw for a handicapped dog.

Meet George Bailey, an 11-year-old Sulcata tortoise with a metabolic bone condition who was born with it, His back legs are undeveloped and regularly give out, making walking difficult as he develops.

Loebener realized she had to assist George before he became permanently immobilized because sulcata tortoises may live for up to 100 years, She stumbled upon the tale of Scoot Reeves, the first turtle to be equipped with a wheelchair by Walkin’ Pets.

George’s wheelchair was custom-made by the skilled team, including a base with a convex support structure to fit the natural shape of his under shell.

It also features terrain wheels for rolling around in the soil and a harness that expands with the tortoise as he develops, According to Walkin’ Pets, “George Bailey may not be the quickest animal on wheels, but consistency wins the race.”, Thank you for like and share.

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