Viral Video -Snake Charmer from Bhopal.

He’s been catching snakes for the past 20 years, He has caught over 30,000 snakes of various sorts (cobra, Russell wiper, python, red snake), and seeks to dispel snake misconceptions and superstitions.

He captures snakes in residential areas and uses whatever information he has to cure those who have been bitten by snakes, After catching them, they leave snakes in the Budhni and Matkuli jungles.

The idea that anyone can be a “snake charmer” is a fiction, Anyone who handles snakes and claims to be a “professional charmer” only does so until he is bitten by a lethal snake and is too far away from a clinic or hospital that can provide anti-venom.

What do you call dead snake charmers?, Thank you for like and share.

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