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Animals | November 24, 2021 9:28 AM | hangbony

The Amur tiger is a fast and dangerous Lord of the taiga! The largest of the feline family!

One of the most stunning and uncommon predators! Despite its small, it can sneak up on and overcome the victim in a few hops! Even gigantic opponents have little chance against sharp claws and massive fangs, while thick skin and long hair protect them from the harshest frosts.

The true Ussuri taiga master is powerful, brave, and wonderfully elegant. Meet the Amur tiger, also known as the Ussuri tiger.

The Amur tiger is the true ruler of Russia’s woodland taiga, Poachers must be protected against this powerful, magnificent, and attractive predator. Keep it like this for the release, And you’re going to create a release on the Far Eastern leopard!!!

What a lovely young man. It’s a shame they’ve only accumulated 600 members throughout the years. In Vladivostok, there was a gorgeous taiga, and in Ussuriisk, there was a beautiful taiga, Also, many thanks to the video’s creator, I’m the same way, Greetings from Kazakhstan.

The only way for Amur tigers to heal is for them to be left alone, So long as hunting and industrial deforestation are prohibited, the restoration of Russian flora and animals will not be an issue.

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