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Birds | November 24, 2021 9:37 AM | hangbony

Caracal – cat-jumper, bird hunter! Interesting facts about caracals.

There are several species of cats, each with its own size and personality, The hero of today’s issue can leap great distances, blend in with his surroundings, and hear even the tiniest stir in the neighborhood! Meet the caracal, a lynx cousin who is a fierce predator as well as a stunning feline! Good luck with your watching!

Well, with the caracals, everything is clear, much more amazing are the invisible ninja operators who shoot all this.

It’s unfortunate that our government has made no attempt to care for these kitties, In Dagestan, I hope to see a growth in the number of these lovely cats.

The adult animal is stunning, and the kittens are just adorable! But, as with all children! Thank you very much! Your channel is fantastic! Everything you say and present is fascinating! Best wishes to you and everyone!

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