Python vs Hyena 17 minutes video.

That Python had enough of hearing the hyena’s annoying ass laugh, so he decided to squeeze the laughter out of the hyena.

It’s fascinating to see the way the snake’s two-part lower jaws separate to such a degree in order for it to consume it’s meal, Although we see just the right side of the head, the lower “halfjaw” can be clearly seen in operation, Nature certainly provides some wonderful solutions to the problems of living!

I’ll have to take your word that the python swallowed the entire hyena …. cause it’s not on the video, As I wondered if it would be able to expand enough to engulf the hyena, I realized I was not going to see it happen as the time ticked away, 17 minutes of what could have been shortened to about a 2 minute video.

It’s like a python stumbling over a weak or vulnerable bear cub, because if this were a true natural encounter, the fight for survival, the strongest bone-biting hyena in Africa would chew it out of the way, Road pythons coil before asphixiaton can cause any damage.

Its something up with this, I can not see no wild hyena getting put together like that by a snake lol … them things have tremendous bite strength, I need to see this from start to finish.

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