OMG! Baboon Herd Rescue Baby From Python Constricting – Anaconda, Snake, King Cobra vs Meerkat.

But it looks like a bunch of different pieces spliced together with dramatic music to make it seem like something that it is not, Why not just show the actual snake encounter without the extra, unrelated rock tumbling from other documentaries?

It’s usually mentioned when something is charming, even if it’s natural, This is referred to as a “shelter” reaction, Accept such a luxury if you can afford it, but don’t do something unexpected and scary to anything that is unsuitable or needless.

I’m curious if people are aware that most monkeys are animals that consume other animals, including cute ones, I anticipate a positive response to this input.

Yeah, I believe it now because I was watching a documentary on the descovery channel a few weeks ago and they showed a snake eating an Anelope, which is a size of a Zebra, it was so interesting how a snake can open its Jaw so wide ! the host said that the snake will not eat for 1 full year because it will take the snake 1 year to digest the Antelope!

that’s exactly what i thought, though it is rather harder to identify the snake since the video is rather blurry, but from the color, size and form of the snake i would also say that it is an anaconda … though they are not known to climb a lot but i guess it would if it was hungry.

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