Python swallows Sambar Deer in Sri Lanka.

After watching thousands of hours of Animals documentaries i concluded, this is the greatest scene to ever be recorded.

Snakes are land monsters what is the purpose on this Earth for snakes this large like seriously.

But why did you put this python and what was left for him to do again to prove that he was a python, and this is a bitch still spread and smooth in every way, and this python was smashed to pieces, Pieces.

They are selfish people who are watching what is happening to animals and never take action to save the lives of animals that Was not beaten.

There was a man in DC in the 80s who allowed people to take pictures with his python, He will take it to the river festival, It is yellow and white and feels warm, I took a photo around my neck, Faced with fear, my mother was terrified when she saw the photo.

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