Awesome Nature, Watch Pileated Woodpeckers an Oak Tree!

I shot this video out my living room window this past winter, They were very flighty, so I had to be as quiet as possible while had to hang out the window (it was extremely cold) and try to get this footage.

I saw this woodpecker going at this tree and I couldn’t believe how big it was getting, there was a big pile of woodchips at the bottom of the tree,he must have been pecking for a long time.

Maybe it’s just one of those tiktoks where the bird is going to fill the hole in with instant noodles and glue, sand it back down and repaints the tree.

I have those around my house, Never saw anything like that though, When you hear them pecking it sounds like someone with a hammer, Beautiful birds, and about a foot tall.

Just confirmed yesterday with the sighting, it’s a pileated woodpecker that’s doing this to a couple of my trees, Love to see them here but making quite a mess.