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Birds | November 25, 2021 1:21 PM | hangbony

Beautiful Peacock Dance with natural sound.

I am from India. Its out national bird, very strongly protected by the law, still poaching is causing and pesticides are causing a decline.

I live in Cutler Bay Miami and this is the house for years for the Indian peacock. There are beautiful! There is normally two at my garden or roof everyday! They laid their eggs in my yard! There are part of the community as well as ducks and we all respect their space and enjoy their company!

California, especially up and down the coast mountain range, have wild Indian Peafowl all over the place. They don’t just survive here, they thrive. I always loved hearing their calls in the evening, or watching a flock of them fly up all at once – they are magically beautiful. My son lived in California till he was 18, then moved to Oregon. He was really surprised there weren’t any peafowl, but when he mentioned the lack of peafowl, people looked at him strangely – they didn’t know California has wild flocks. I’m so sorry to hear that they’re having trouble in their native land, and it makes me sad to know that the first peafowl to arrive in California must have come from India. May they thrive in India again.

I did not realise turkeys were in the same species as peacocks. Or that there are so many varieties of peacocks and turkeys. I have only seen one peacock and one turkey in Australia. The peacock was an Indian blue one and nearly blew me away with his beauty. I also saw a white bird but I did not realise she was his girlfriend, as she was much smaller and more reserved and shy, compared with Mr Peacock, though she was also a sweet bird. I particularly loved the green peacock and the blue Indian pretty boy. As well as the pure white one with the enormous fancy tail. I had no idea they could fly, even with their enormous tails. Nice video. Thank you.

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