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Animals | November 25, 2021 1:45 PM | hangbony

Cat Vs Snake.

Cats and snakes are the best match since cats have a very fast reflex and quick paw movements, Snakes try to surprise their opponents by lunging at them.

These contests look scary, but In reality, venomous snakes rarely stand a chance against a healthy adult cat, A cat is much faster than any snake, Even the little kitten was playing with that cobra like a toy, Out in the desert, bobcats eat rattlesnakes like candy.

Can we all just talk about how good she edits her vids? She puts so much effort on her vids to give the best experience for us.

This is absolutely some of the best trail cam footage ever taken.

Alternate title: Bob cat singlehandedly beats the living sht out of one of the most snakes in the world because it was getting in the way of the cats favorite sand playground.

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