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Animals | November 29, 2021 3:14 AM | hangbony

Amazing: Leopard Rockets Up a Tree to Catch Owls.

Thirty feet up in a tree, a group of owls are not expecting this four-legged predator to come calling, The lesson here: Never underestimate a leopard’s speed and agility.

One of the stealthiest predators on the ground, vs one of the stealthiest predators in the air.

I remember watching a leopard in a zoo exhibit climb 20 feet up a tree so quickly and smoothly it was like watching running water moving upward, In many ways they are the most impressive cat species of all.

Leopards are pound for pound the best hunters in Africa, Their big, fast, can climb trees, good swimmers and can single handely much bigger prey like crocodiles.

Snow Leopards are more agile than Leapords, in fact they’re the kost agile of all cats, However, they can’t climb trees as well as leapords can.

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