Warthog … Baby from Leopard.

This is the heart-stopping story of a warthog mother’s baby being … by a leopard, and how the brave mother did something incredible to … her piglet.

The leopard stealthily trailed a herd of warthogs, going entirely unseen until it leapt out of the bushes, thanks to its well-known stealth abilities, The big feline pounced on one of the warthog piglets and sank its fangs into the child’s neck.

“The leopard was attempting to pin her possible to the ground, and the piglet was crying and kicking to try to get away from the leopard,” Koos Fourie, the photographer, told reporters.

The mother had two options: escape to safety or sacrifice her life in a desperate attempt to … the piglet. She went with the latter option, Thank you for like and share.