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Animals | November 30, 2021 2:30 AM | hangbony

Goat v Chicken.

Baby goat Russell was wandering around the construction site for an expanded Goat-A-Torium when an irate hen challenged him.

Russel thinking it was a game, gave the hen chances to take her best shot, but knew the advantage goes to the high ground, Hen vanquished, it’s time for a victory dance, Baby goats are soooo cool!

That cute little goat is like kangaroo,jumping from can to can.

Goat Wins, stands on podium and gets Gold, Silver and Bronze.

The rooster was winning the match but later the rooster become a chicken and run away from the goat lol Like chicken like rooster.

I like how adorable the baby goat was while the chicken looked seriously annoyed by the goat.

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