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Animals | November 30, 2021 2:58 AM | hangbony

Leopard vs Crocodile.

A jaguar hunts a crocodile in the Amazon, He jumps into the river and then it’s in the water !!

This indeed happened here in Brazil, but not in the Amazon: it actually happened in the Pantanal (wetlands located in Brazil’s middle-western region).

This reptile is not a croc, either: it’s a caiman (a species of alligator), In Brazilian Portuguese, we call this reptile by the name jacaré (or jacaré-açu when it’s black and bigger).

The big cat is indeed a jaguar, but here in Brazil we call it by the name onça pintada. The word pintada means dappled, and the word onça is a Portuguese variant of this animal’s scientific (i.e. Latin) name Panthera onca.

Never thought Jaguar is strong enough to lift prey like that.

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