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Animals | November 30, 2021 2:16 PM | hangbony

Cambodian kids catching snakes at rice field.

They are aware of the danger but it’s a game to them, Grab the tail drag it, try to grab the head, Once they grab the snakes head they are safe and they succeed, Oldest kid is the most calm and calculating about how to catch the snake.

that kid has the biggest balls of any man i’ve ecer met, he wearin the snake like it’s a gold chain.

I’ll say one thing, their confidence and courage was overwhelming! They got the job done, I hope that fellow was OK.

they have good vibes, they dont think too much … they do what have to be done, In some situation the thinking is very, you have to behave by pure instinct … and it works pretty well.

It looks liked they were playing with snake!

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