Hungry Cheetahs Take Down Wildebeest.

I’ve never seen Wildebeast trying to save their friends from hunters, Bufallo do it but Wildebeast are usually selfish and dont care about others.

When I was a kid, my favorite animal was the cheetah, but lately, I’ve been drawn to the leopard.

After observing how 5 cheetahs were needed to take down a young wildebeest, I’ve decided that the leopard is my new favorite animal! One leopard would have taken the young victim up a tree!

But they are just very lucky,why,it’s because,they are the only group there,no lion pride,no hyena clans,and no wild dogs troop,aren’ t they lucky enough to eat,without someone distracting or disturbing them?

I hope cheetah females learn how to form coalition or pride as well.