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Animals | December 6, 2021 1:35 AM | hangbony

The LEOPARD, the most Agile and Deadly Big Cat | Leopard vs Monkey, Warthog and other Animals.

The leopard, the most nimble and dangerous of all large cats, is shown in this clip, which includes leopard attacks such as leopard dropping out of a tree to snare an impala gazelle and leopard flipping in a fantastic acrobatic leap to grab a deer in mid-flight.

Leopard attacks a baboon monkey, a porcupine, a warthog, a jackal, a lioness, and birds, among other stunning leopard attacks in the wild. Incredible footage. Enjoy, and Damn, the way that leopard climbed the tree for the baboon was incredible.

Leopard is a fearsome creature. On a different level, in terms of overall hunting ability compared to the other big cats, the leopard is the most skilled hunter of all the wild animals; he almost never misses his target. This is what your house cat would do to you if it were this size, and most WWE moves were invented by the big cat so-called leopard.

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