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Animals | December 9, 2021 1:50 PM | hangbony

Slightly opening the reserved doors … Duel. Yellow ground squirrel versus steppe polecat.

Early in the morning, employees of the Chernye Zemli reserve and volunteers of the Russian Geographical Society, who were engaged in the improvement of the Ozerny cordon on the territory of the Mekletinsky federal reserve, witnessed an exciting spectacle!

At first, their attention was attracted by the alarming shrill cries of a gopher, which were heard somewhere nearby, and then two animals, an adult yellow gopher and a young steppe ferret, jumping out from around the corner of the house, staged a hard brawl almost under the feet of the volunteers – spectators.

The agility, pressure and sharp teeth of a lightweight ferret versus the experience and resilience of a heavyweight gopher. In general, a combat draw!

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