Zebra getting trampled in the Mara River.

Filmed in the great Mara river by Karen Blixen camp. The annual migration is a real survival of the fittest.

Here a zebra is almost crushed to by the desperate wildebeests that are eager to climb the river banks, but through will power the zebra managed to find another route and although extremely exhausted managed to climb onto the banks and onto safety.

you know it would be beneficial to actually have bridges at some parts of these rivers, might even help spreading the gene pool for predators. i know it isn’t exactly the same but biologists have partnered with scientists and engineers to create wildlife crossing, one beneficial one created for pumas in florida.

it had a huge effect on the genetic & overall health of the puma population as they were no longer barred from roaming/crossing into new territory. i’m actually curious if it would have a major impact on the populations of cats.