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Birds | December 18, 2021 11:32 PM | hangbony

Rooster Shows The Eagle Who’s The Boss

Eagle’s wing feathers were pulled, It can’t fly cause of that, This is staged, This is animal …
Eagles do not run off and look at walls, this eagle has been made to fight without its …, i bet the talons are clipped as well, Sickos.

That Eagle is tampered, Perhaps it’s Claws and Wings were clipped, Eagle is very strong and intelligent Bird and can’t fail to pick even Mother Hen herself.

Birds of prey are very accurate hunters, The hawk in the video seems confused when it landed, not aiming any target in particular, It looks like someone threw a hawk at them and caos ensued.

Actually, eagles are capable of ripping any bird smaller than them like this hen, But due to the mother instinct, this hen is ready to … just to protect her chicks, I myself is afraid of an angry hen, I should stay away from it, Thank you for like and share.

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