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Animals | December 21, 2021 11:31 PM | hangbony

World’s Largest Snake Found in Amazon River

Just a fun fact: these guys were fined around 1800 and sentenced to 18 months in jail because of animal protection rights. It’s big but not long. It also ate something big, so that explains why it didn’t fight back. Nevertheless, you should leave them alone. You can see it has eaten something large and is a bit incapacitated while digesting its catch-otherwise it might have fought back.

I’m surprised they’re alive after that interaction. I imagine you just ate and someone kept on bothering you when you did nothing. I would probably be annoyed and might even pick a fight.

Have you ever taken a swim after having eaten a really large meal? You know how that doesn’t feel well, right? Now imagine some jerks pulling your tail at the same time, and you don’t know if they’re going to kill you. I would’ve vomited my food out to fight for my life.

Are they drunk? It clearly just ate and is not going to eat anything soon. Stop yelling and grabbing its tail and dragging it like it’s cool. It is stupid. Don’t do this. This snake was not found in the Amazonas; it was found in the city of Maracaju, in the state of Matogrosso do Sul, in Brazil. It is very far from the Amazonas river.

After seeing this , I believe the myth of a supersized anaconda in the Amazon is not fake . You will think that the myth is fake when you come across one giant snake like these people, and you might not be as lucky as these people ,as what if the giant anaconda is hungry? From the way that anaconda looked, it was not in a mood to deal with these. Otherwise, from the size of it,it seemed as if it could also fit a human in it. These two were lucky.
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