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Animals | December 25, 2021 12:46 AM | hangbony

Bowing Deer in Nara – Japan.

In Oregon, I once met a young buck who stood between me and his mother, stared at me, and made a sudden and aggressive bow. I bowed back. He bowed again. We bowed back and forth about five times, and then he stopped and ignored my presence from that point on. I think bowing may be a gesture our species shares, and not simply a trick to get treats.

This looks like a paradise. I love animals and birds. When I was a kid, I wanted to stroke a fluffy sheep, but they ran away on sight . Imagine how wonderful lunch breaks would be at work near such a place. I am striking deer who are chilling .

They have figured out that bowing gets them food, and they are used to humans. Regardless, this is definitely on my active bucket list. Imagine a day filled with roller coasters and fun because you went to Spaland, followed by a perfect wind down of feeding bowing deer.

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