Snake vs Hawk.

At the neighborhood RC field, a red-tailed hawk captured what appears to be a huge gopher snake, The snake tries to fight back, but it’s in vain.

Breakfast will be delicious for the hawk, I mean that snake is quite big and s.c.ary looking and the way it sliders kinda different and im pretty sure that snake is a c.onstrictor.

My backyard has a red tail hawk nest, and they are now nesting, One of the parents flew right over me the other day, carrying a snake about a foot and a half long…damn, I wish I’d had my phone with me to record that!!! wow….

I live in South Fort Collins at a place called redtail ponds because that’s what we have here, a bunch of red tail hawks, and one day I watched a pair of them pass a snake off to each other in the sky before they landed to eat it.

It was the neatest thing I’ve ever seen, and I didn’t have my camera with me at the time because I could have filmed it.