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Birds | December 27, 2021 12:57 AM | hangbony

Secretary bird. The bird of prey of Africa vs snake!

The secretary bird has a commanding presence, Her grandeur and elegance astounded her, and she also belonged to snakes, especially dangerous ones such as vipers!


These lovely birds are deserving of your attention! Do you want to discover how a bird secretary may defend herself from snakes? Have fun watching!

Here is the video! Thanks a lot! The bird just amazed! I did not think that this miracle with eyelashes does such a thing! You can walk with her alone at night! Guys – test !!!


God grant that these birds do not disappear from the face of the Earth !!! Let them breed as much as possible, What a Brave Bird!

In the zoo we have had her since childhood, I will wash her beautiful bird lately that something has not been seen her and how many years have passed !!!!!

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