First Time Girl Fishing with SNAKE vs. GIANT Gourami Fish.

First time girl fishing with a snake, and caught a lot of big fish and a giant gourami fish while fishing in a river, this is so awesome fishing experience. I hope you enjoy the video and give this video a thumb up if you like it.

Lucky fisherman, in addition to being beautiful, she had the creativity to fish and always caught a fish with snake bait, now one thing she could do was take that snake head away from there because even with the head cut off,

the snake continues live and if that’s the case, she runs the r.isk of being b.itten; now there was a time when she caught a fish she had the impression that the rod had broken so much that she ended up bringing the fish ashore by pulling the line,

but there was something cool there for those who liked it, she showed the fish but I’m sure the boys looked at her, all that’s left is to say O at home.