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Animals | December 29, 2021 2:03 AM | hangbony

The guy receiving affection from a jaguar.

Boy, this is top, no comments. Tiago, little by little, he is acquiring experience from his father and collaborating with the management of the animals.

Now I miss the time I used to be like this… in peace, silence and love with animals.

The jaguar is a feared animal, but it has a surreal beauty. Anyone who sees Tiago playing with Odara doesn’t even believe he’s a ferocious jaguar. This relationship is a charm.

How nice it would be to see Tarik, Frida and Palominha playing like the other children.

Sublime moment of Odara and Thiago that shows all their handling in the coexistence of their favorite Mamba Odara jaguars and when they were small and today almost adult.

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